The List of Don’ts you should follow during your Hair Transitioning Journey


Continuous heating and straightening processes includes heavy usage of heat and chemicals, which damages your hair up to an extent where the only option to get damage free hair is transitioning back to your natural hair. Hair transitioning is a time consuming process and it may take months and even years to achieve your natural hair goals. You can get a haircut for getting rid of those hair but some women find it really hard to chop off their revered locks. So the wise option is going back to your natural hair. If you are about to begin your hair transitioning journey then we have some suggestions which will be of great help to you.

  • Don’t use hair colors, dryers and hair texturizers



When you are going back to your natural hair you already have two types of hair first ones are your natural hair from roots and the second ones are from your ends. Hair color, straightening and texturizers may straighten and damage your natural texture. They can also delay your hair transitioning process and you won’t be able to figure out the difference between your natural and relaxed hair.

  • Don’t expect too much


Hair growth is a long process and you cannot expect your hair to grow out naturally overnight. So you have to be patient. Expectations leads to disappointments, so it’s better if you just relax and wait to see the results.

  • Don’t get carried away with others


Everyone’s hair and growth patterns are different so if you see someone else achieving their hair goals sooner then don’t feel bad for yourself. Rather look at their positive results and keep yourself motivated.

  • Don’t use chemical based hair products


Hair sprays, shampoos and conditioners all of them contain hard chemicals which may damage your hair. So it’s better to use natural shampoos, conditioner and oil.


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