Back to school makeup tips for a fresh dewy skin


Summers are all about looking radiant and flaunting smooth skin without looking like a try hard. The trend has taken over the dry and powdered look. The much-sought after feminine look is just a few hops and brushes away if you do it rightly. Here are a few tricks to help you get that dewy look effortlessly.

Use lip gloss for cheeks

A foundation or a blusher help you in achieving the much desired dewy look you want, but it takes a lot of effort on your end and run the chance of powdery looking skin. However, a light pink lip gloss can get you all of that much easily. Rubbing the lip gloss over cheeks and spreading it with fingertips can do wonders for your dewy skin desires. A glossy lip balm helps too.

Use Coconut Oil as A Highlighter

A coconut oil is a natural scheme to attempt at the glowing skin. Rubbing coconut oil over face gives you a shiny appearance for a long period while running no risk of looking greasy. The smell is pleasant too and it’s easy to use due to its light texture.

Try Exfoliation

This is another trick to make your skin go naturally dewy without using any make up. Whether you use a natural exfoliator or a special cream for the purpose, a young looking fresh skin is always the outcome. A little use of coconut oil can also help.

Use mask

This is often ignored but is one of the best natural option to get a bright skin organically. A hydrating mask or genuine creams supply the skin with enough moisture making it radiant. Once a week application is sufficient.

Use Avocado oil:

It’s your last resort after you’re done with your make up, utilising foundation and blush. Use make up brush to spread Avocado oil lightly around the cheekbones and cheeks. Its heavy texture easily gives you a dewy complexion and even helps the foundation to last longer.

Use blend of Lipsticks:

While going for the dewy look lips play an important role. Mixing two lipstick shades, one with a matte finish and other with a glossy touch is a smart option, but don’t overdo it. A little gloss at the centre of the lips works fine too in grabbing the dewy look.




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