What Beautiful is to Women, Handsome is to Men

Why just women have all the fun? Attractive looking is a human phenomenon which each one desires for. Not just the female sex but even the male sex wants to steal your looks at weddings and on roads. A message which dermatologist gives to all men out there is that skincare does matters. Majority of the men say that we don’t have time for all this. It’s the women kind of thing to stand in front of mirror for hours. Well, the need of the hour is that even men need the basic skincare.

Why do men need skincare?

The very bonanza being to look good. Men not only need skincare just too look good but also there are various reasons why do men need to pamper themselves. Some of which we will be highlighting are as follow:

  • Greater Exposure to Sun

The very fact is that men stays out of the house for nearly 10 hours of the day which means exposure to sun, dust, mud and heat. Due to which they suffer more tanned skins and oil glands, which in turn makes it even more important for men to take care of their skin. Cleaning their faces on time for letting the cells breathe through is the first necessary step. Then using a sunscreen holding a good SPF value makes for a must go-to-do. The sunscreen with SPF content will not only protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun but will also prevent sunburn and premature aging.


  • Following the Grooming Trends

In a society where everyone is getting super conscious of their looks and are following the latest trends in fashion and grooming one need to have a healthy skin to follow those. Recently long and heavy beards were in trend and to get such a look one needs to maintain that hygiene to have a proper growth. As dull and oily skin not only discourages the hair growth giving rise to pimples but also eventually ask you to trim off that look. And in this case making use of men’s face wash complimentary to your skin type is must.


  • After Shaving Treatment

Even the best blade can leave behind tiny nicks and cuts, which can get infected if left untreated. So, to prevent such infections one shall make use of Vitamin E rich lotions immediately after shaving. As shaving strips skin of moisture, which is why you feel your face tightening or look patchy after shaving. Therefore, following up with aftershave gel will not only prevent razor bumps and burns but will also soothe the irritated areas ­– thereby hydrating the skin for a soft finish.


  • Moisturizer Can Help You Save Money

Regularly moisturizing your skin will help you keep it hydrated, smooth and radiant looking. It will act as a protective layer for your face, neck from dust and heat. Regular use of it will even discard the need to visit a salon for a facial required for treating the damage observed. Therefore, the more you care the less damage you bear.


  • Don’t Stress Out

Life is running at a fast pace which means too much of traffic jams, 12 hours of work, don’t missing up on deadlines and many more. These situations affect one’s mood and even stress you out – affecting your health. Moreover, getting frazzled throws hormone levels into flux not only damages healthy skin cells but also makes you prone to breakouts and wrinkles. Therefore, it is advised to relax yourself a bit and take out time for what you enjoy.


  • Say NO to Smoking

Is a yellow skin what you desire? Obviously, NO. Lightning up adds onto yellow skin. Smoking decreases circulation and collagen production, so skin loses its natural color and ends up looking pale and swallowed. Also, smoking adds to fine lines around the lips and other signs of premature ageing. Therefore, to avoid such situations, it is often recommended to say no to smoking.



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