Moisturizing: Something You Have Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

It’s always about the face, the hands and the body when it comes to moisturizing. For a radiant glowing skin we all moisturize ourselves. Despite following a skin care routine we may be doing moisturizing in a wrong way. YES! You read that right.

What is going wrong?

There are many reasons we are not able to optimize the use of moisturizer right from using it in a wrong way to using a wrong one. Other facts like which product is used, at what time of the day is it used, in what quantities is it being used all affects the benefits being derived from moisturizing.

Well if you are looking for a solution here we are providing you with some.

  • Use of the Correct Moisturizer is Important

Make sure that you are using the moisturizer which is in accordance to your skin type. This is an important step to be taken. Even the people with oily skin must use a solution designed for their skin type. Don’t think that since your skin is greasy and oily you don’t need a moisturizer. Sensitive skinners should look for herbal moisturizer free from all acids and fragrance to avoid breakouts. Dry skinners must look for more nourishing products with oils to impart smoothness.


  • Applying at the Right Time

Cleansing the skin at 5 and moisturizing at 6 is a big NO. Your skin starts to dehydrate just after cleansing thus it becomes important that you moisturize your skin immediately. The time lags between cleaning i.e. washing your face and moisturizing it should be reduced to minimum. Moisturizer helps your skin to breath, prevents tightness, dry patches and breakouts.


  • SPF not Just for Face

Majority of the people apply tons of sunscreen on face to protect it from harmful sun rays while apply the leftovers onto their neck and hands. This is a major issue. Your neck and limbs need as much protection as your face. With time you will realize that your face and neck suffer from different color complexions due to this exposure to sun and followed carelessness. While the neck and hands would be tanned and face protected. It’s important to cover your skin with a layer of SPF to prevent the damage of your cells. Minimum SPF of 15 must be applied to pamper your skin well.


  • Measurement is Required

Nobody ever thought of this. Yes! We just press the bottle and apply any amount of moisturizer. At times sufficient at times not. Majorly we apply the extra one on our hands. Often either we need to take more of moisturizer or at times apply the excess of. Make sure you know how much of it is required for your face, neck and hands.


  • Upward Circulation Motion is a Key

The movement of fingers in applying moisturizer plays a very crucial role. Putting up dots and spreading up the cream won’t be as helpful as doing it in an upward circular motion. This will ensure that the moisturizer is well seeped into your skin and ageing is delayed. Applying moisturizer by moving your fingertips in a circle helps tighten the skin cells and avoids getting wrinkles.


  • Make Up Removal is a MUST

Make up application dries up your skin leading to absorption of moisture from the skin and development of cracks. Removal of makeup is a must and application of moisturizer is the best way to cure it. Layers of makeup damage your skin so correct nourishment provides a good smooth base.



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