Sweet Tooth and Hair – What Connects Them?


We all know that too much sweet rots the teeth. But can thinning of hair be also related to the consumption of sugar? A European based dermatologist is of the opinion that sugar can be one of the culprits of hair thinning.

A sudden spike in the blood glucose level in the body causes an overreaction in the nature of many body hormones, mainly steroid hormones and insulin. The rise in blood sugar affects the physiological hair cycle in majorly two ways. The first one is known as direct nutritional shock, while the second method is known as indirect endocrine shock. Both these shocks can result in significant hair damage.

Over use of sugar, or that is if you have a sweet tooth, you could end up waking bald one day!


Let’s analyze this: is sugar to be blamed? Too much amount of sugar in the body leads to swelling or inflammation at the cellular level. When it comes to scalp care, it should cover both hair and the scalp skin. What goes into the mouth affects the skin, which is a part of the scalp, and that indirectly affects the hair follicles. Too much processed sugary food items can cause serious inflammation at the cellular and tissue level.

The key to growing good, strong hair is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Balanced diet and proper nutrition can reverse the ill effects of a sugary diet. The habit of eating right can enhance the chances of growing thick hair locks, apart from other health benefits.

Some people opt for the wrong method by straight away crash dieting and taking extreme steps to cut down all sugar. It is always better to take small steps, which lead to stable results, so that with time, healthy dieting and living becomes a quintessential part of the daily routine.

One solution for thin hair is limiting the sugar intake. Also, drinking plenty of water, exercising and sleeping properly – all these can help the body in processing the sugar, which has been consumed.

Begin today by making better choices with your eating habits. What if these small steps can lead to a healthy, luscious mane! Also, you can switch to ayurvedic hair therapies and treatments to control hair loss and hair thinning.



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