Reasons Why your Hair have suddenly started falling out


More than 90% of men undergo a stage of baldness at some point in their life. Falling of hair is normal after 30 but nowadays men have started losing hair in their 20’s. Losing 50 to 100 hair strands a day is normal but if you are losing more than this then surely it needs serious attention. There must be something, which men are doing wrong to their hair. Below are some reasons that could be behind the sudden falling out of your hair.

  1. Too much combing of hair

Combing your hair too often also leads to baldness. Instead of using comb to style your hair you should start using your hands and fingers for styling. If you have small bald patches on your head then you can go for crop cut or fade and taper cut to cover them. Trying to quick-drying your hair with towel and rubbing them hard can also lead to falling of hair.


  1. Heavy Medications

If you regularly take medications for hormonal therapies, thyroid and anticonvulsants then the reason behind your hair fall could be these medicines. Because they may cause telugen effluvium. Our hair follow a growth life cycle, which includes phase for growth, rest and hair fall. Telugen effluvium can interrupt your hair cycle and push it in the direction of hair fall phase.


  1. Using too much chemical-based styling products

If you regularly use styling products like hair gel and wax, or usually go under heavy hair treatments then they may lead to falling out of your hair. Because they have chemical components up to some extent, and when you are already going bald then using these products will only make things worse for you.




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