Nighttime Routines that can Improve your Hair Health


We all get surprised with that one scene of every movie in which the female lead wakes up with gorgeous tangle free hair because it seems just next to impossible for us. We don’t get time to care for our hair on a regular basis and this leads to dry, unhealthy and tangled hair. But getting the hair you always wanted is not as tough and time consuming as you think it is. It’s understood that nowadays everyone has a fast paced life, but you can follow these quick and easy nighttime hair care routines that will help you to one day wake up with detangled and soft hair.

  1. Argan Oil


If your hair are dry and damaged then argan oil can do wonders for you. You can make them silky and smooth by applying argan oil at night. It will provide the much needed nourishment to your hair and make them softer. You will be left with smooth tangle free hair but you need to follow two simple steps:

  • Put some argan oil on your hair brush and run it through your hair.
  • Wrap your hair in a silk scarf and leave it overnight.
  1. Shampoo your hair at night and get Volume


You can add volume to your hair by shampooing them overnight. Shampoo and condition your hair before going to bed and apply a small amount of hair serum. Let your hair go dry, comb your hair, braid them in small sections and secure them with a hair tie. Open the braids in morning and style them. This will keep your hair tangle-free and you will also save upon the time you used to spend struggling while combing your hair in morning.

  1. Brush your hair before going to Bed


Most of us go to sleep with tangled hair. Throughout the day your hair are exposed to dust and other pollutants and as a result they become dirty and tangled. But sleeping with tangled hair will only give you more mess to clear in the morning. So, no matter, how tired you are, always brush your hair before going to bed. First brush the ends and then from the roots.



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