Hair Considerations to Keep in Mind before Buying Sunglasses


Sunglasses are always a necessity whether it’s winter or summer because the sun never stops blazing. Whereas face shapes and size are mostly taken into consideration before buying sunglasses but there are also some other factors, which should be kept in mind. While choosing the right frame to match your face shape, you should also make sure that the color of the frame and lenses should match your skin and hair tone.

The major consideration while choosing the right glasses is to go for natural undertones. Undertones usually come in two shades which are warm and cool. Warm undertones refer to yellow and orange, which means that your hair and skin color have similar shades concealed in them. On the contrary cool undertones come under blues, pink and reds.

Checking your tresses

Usually when you have colored hair you need to maintain a balance between the color of your hair and their undertones. It sounds tricky but you can do it.

Light tone hair


Lighter hair tones are likely to go well with dark colored shades to keep a contrast. If you have a light complexion with a cool undertone then your hair color would go well with dark blues, grays and blacks. If you have lighter hair with warm undertone then you can opt for dark greens, red and browns.

Medium Dark Hair


If you are a brunette with cool undertones then you can go for pinks, blues, slightly purple to light green and white frames. And if you have medium dark hair with warm undertones then medium dark pink, blue and blacks would go well on you.

Red Hair


Whether you have a lighter or darker tone of red hair you don’t need to worry about the cool and warm undertones of the sunglasses because the color is very specific. Green always does justice with the reds but blacks, whites and grays can also do well with your hair color.

Black hair



The darkest color among all hair colors, those with dark black tresses also don’t need to worry much about the undertones. Black hair goes well with bright colors but don’t overdo them. Neutrals and pastels will not bring out the best in you but blacks, whites, deep red, blues and yellows will surely make a statement.


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