Choose your Hairstyle according to your Face Shape


Hair are those valuable assets of women, which they love to care for. Although lustrous, bouncy and thick hair are the dream of every woman on earth, but since the texture and type of hair differ from person to person so it is not possible for everyone to have same hair quality. However, with the right haircut you can make your hair look better. Hairstyles and trends keep changing over time and you might want to try out the latest styles. Some of us get over excited about the latest hair trends and land ourselves into a situation where the latest haircut makes us look disastrous. To avoid landing in such a situation, one should always choose the haircut according to the face shape. So before you get the latest haircut for yourself, just keep the below mentioned points in mind.

Round face


Women with round faces find it really difficult to find the right hairstyle that can make their face look slimmer. Those with the round faces should always maintain a little volume in their hair, that is, your hair should not lay flat on your head. Backcombing is a good option to add volume. While going for a fringed hairstyle never opt for too short fringes as they might make your face appear bigger. Choose longer side-swept bangs as they will make your face appear longer. If you want to go for shorter hair then get layers, which fall on your jawline making your face appear slimmer. Long soft curls and waves are also a good choice. Selena Gomez and Emma Stone have round faces.

Square Face



If you have a square face shape then you must be having a wide jawline. To keep the attention away from your jawline you should go for long and flowy haircuts. Straight, curly or wavy are not the right choices for you. You can try different haircuts, which include some bangs so that the top of your head gets more attention rather than the jawline. Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman carry their square faces elegantly.

Heart Face


Heart shaped faces are wider from the top and gets narrow in the bottom. The women with heart-shaped face should keep their hair flowing till the jaw line. This helps in narrowing down the forehead and maintaining a balance between forehead and chin, thereby, making your face appear oval in shape. A bob cut is the best haircut for women with heart shaped faces. Deepika Padukone and Scarlett Johansson are the two perfect examples for heart shaped faces.

Oval Face

Women with oval face shape are the blessed ones because they can literally flaunt any hairstyle and look smoking hot. From a pixie cut to the long waves, oval faces carry them all very elegantly. The best example for oval shaped face would be Beyonce and Megan Fox.

Diamond Face


Diamond face shape is closest to round but seemingly a bit angular. If you have a diamond shaped face then you should opt for soft and round hairstyles, blunt layers might not turn out to be the best choice. Women with diamond shaped face have high cheek bones and narrow chin. So they should choose a haircut, which balances both. Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens fit perfectly in the category of heart shaped women.


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