Choose the right Sunglasses according to your Skin Tone


We always need sunglasses whether it’s winter or summer because the sun is never going down. Whereas face shapes and size do matter while buying a pair of sunglasses, but you cannot miss out on the other considerations. Along with the right frame for your face shape, color of lenses and frame should also go well with your skin tone. Skin colors are parallel to hair color but they depend more on contrast than hair colors. If you are investing your money in an expensive pair of sunglasses and you want to keep them for a long time, you should always match it to your skin color. The color of hair could be changed anytime but the color of skin is not so easy to change. Below are some quick tips for choosing the right shades according to your skin tone.

Light Skin Tone


To make a contrast between the skin color and glasses, people with lighter skin tone usually go for darker shades of sunglasses but selecting only black would do injustice to other colors. If you have a warm and light skin tone, sunglasses with dark colors like brown and red or in neutral gold and yellows will do well. For cool undertones shades of blues and pinks are more suitable.

Medium Skin Tone


If you have a medium skin tone then you should choose medium color glasses as well but more of bright colors. For medium skin tone with warm undertone, oranges and bronze are the best ones. For medium skin tones with cool undertones, the blues, pinks and light greens will be more flattering.

Dark Skin Tone


Dark skin tones do well with light colors but that doesn’t mean you will straightaway jump to whites. White does look great but you should try other colors as well. If you have a dark skin tone with warm undertone then shades of reds, oranges and bright yellows will nicely complement your skin. On the contrary, for dark skin tone with cool undertones, again bright pinks, blues and purples will create a balance.


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