Hair Care: Ways to Avoid Heat Damage


Are you blessed with shiny and thick hair? You must be getting a lot of compliments about the natural beauty of your long tresses. There will always be occasions when you would not like to keep your hair in its natural texture so that you can look different from the crowd. And for doing that you might prefer using heating tools like blow dryers and flat irons. But do you realize that these heating tools can damage the natural texture of your long and thick strands?  Here are the ways to avoid heat damage:

  1. Know your hair: Everyone has different hair and it is necessary for you to know how much heat your hair can tolerate. Already damaged hair is more prone to heat damage so knowing your hair well will let you know if you should use heat on your hair or not. Know your natural hair’s condition by examining its texture, softness and elasticity.
  2. Keep your hair prepared: Start preparing your hair to come in contact with heated tools by moisturizing and deep conditioning as they will strengthen your natural hair. Before opting for heat styling apply Strong & Nourished Hair oil and then wash your hair with Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo and finally apply Seal the Natural Goodness conditioner to your hair for deep conditioning.



  1. Use Heat Protectant: Heat protectant helps in creating a barrier between your hair and heat exposure. The silicones present in heat protectants cover your hair and stop moisture from reaching the hair shaft.

Tip: Moisturize with a light moisturizer using a heat protectant.

  1. Excess of everything is bad: Yes, heat is no exception. Do not use direct heat on your natural and shiny hair more than once a week. You can start with a low heat to see how your hair react and can gradually move to medium but do not overdo it.

Direct heat from blow dryers and flat irons may cause hair damage and a loss of natural curl pattern, so be careful while using heat on your hair. If it is essential for you to use heat on your hair then do it with proper care and let your hair face minimum heat.





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