Best Hair Hacks to Add Volume for Girls with Thin Locks


A majority of girls have thin or finer hair and have a hard time finding the right hair style and haircut. Whereas girls with thick and voluminous hair can almost flaunt any haircut and hairstyle. We all would die for amazing natural hair but this is just a dream because no product can make a drastic change to your hair texture. However, there are some other in ways in which you can get those perfect bombshell voluminous hair. Below are some hair hacks for all of our thin haired beauties.

Part your hair in the opposite direction

When you part your hair in a particular direction then your hair get used to it and hence they automatically fall onto that side. But parting them in opposite direction will makes your roots stand upwards and will give volume to your hair.



Give a wavy touch to your hair

Thin hair appear flat on your head. To counter this problem you should add some waves in your hair. It could be done naturally with braiding or with non-heat curlers. You can make some hairstyles after adding waves to hair, like pin up some hair in side partition or a messy bun.


Back Combing with a toothbrush

Backcombing is the cheapest and most effective way to add volume to your hair. A toothbrush has fine bristles, which will give your hair more volume if you backcomb your hair section wise in small portions. You can decide the amount of volume you want and stop backcombing at that point.


Stop using Hair Serum

Serum contains oils and makes your hair look shiny, non-frizzy, and sleek, which in turn results in flat hair. Using hair serum is fine when you have to tie your hair in a ponytail or braid but if you want to let your hair down you should skip using hair serum.


Avoid using hair dryer

You should let your hair dry naturally. The more you will make your hair go through the heating the more they will get damaged. Dryer damages your hair and it leads to thinner hair strands and loss of hair volume. If you want healthy hair with a natural bounce then you should avoid using heating products.




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