Benefits of Leaf Extracts for your Hair


Long, strong, and lustrous hair boosts confidence and manifests a positive self-perception. But today when everyone is so busy in their everyday life, no one gets much time for self-care and specially hair. Commercial products with high chemical ingredients promise healthy and shiny hair but they are only good for short term as they end up damaging your hair even more. These products are harmful and expensive and instead of opting for these you can grow healthy, thick hair naturally with different types of leaf extracts. Below are some types of leaves, which can help you to achieve your hair goals.

Olive Leaf Extract


Olive oil is already famous for its health and hair benefits but olive leaf extract is none less than that because it has just the same properties. Olive leaf extract can smoothen and make your hair shinier at the same time. It also provides moisture to your hair follicles and protects them from UV rays, which promotes a healthy hair growth. All you need to do is blend fresh or dried olive leaves with some olive oil and make a smooth paste. Apply it and leave it overnight or for few hours and wash your hair later.

Guava Leaf Extract


Apart from being a fruit with many health benefits, guava’s leaves also are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, which can result in promoting healthy hair growth. Guava leaves are a great source of vitamin B2 which repairs our hair cells. Daily usage of guava leaves can help you to get long and strong hair. All you have to do is boil 1-2 cups of guava leaves in small amount of water for about 20-25 minutes. Cool it down, strain the water and make a paste of those leaves. The paste should be applied on oil-free hair and after that the hair and scalp should be massaged the strained water. Wash your hair after sometime with normal water.

Curry Leaves


Curry leaves are used as major ingredients for cooking delicious food. These leaves are also used in many hair and skin care products. Curry leaves are a rich source of antioxidants and amino acids, which help in reducing hair fall and encourage hair growth. They strengthen hair follicles and stop thinning of hair. Curry leaves contain rich amount of proteins and beta-carotene that are good for hair growth.


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