A Few Wrong Things Most Men do to Their Hairstyle

With the emerging trends of fashion in terms of clothes, shoes, makeup and of course hairstyles, today men also have started grooming themselves and staying updated with latest trends just like women. Clothes and shoes are fine but now men have also started following the latest hairstyles blindly without giving it a thought whether that hairstyle would actually suit them or not. We all know one man out there to whom we someday want to say “please get rid of that weird thing from your head”. It is not just the hairstyles that men are making a mistake with but the things like choosing the wrong hairstyling & haircare products and overuse of these have become very common too. Here are some smart advices, which will surely help you to do justice with your hair.

  1. Are you still stuck with that 2 in 1 shampoo & Conditioner?


If you are trying to save few extra bucks or some minutes of your precious time by using a 2-in-one shampoo & conditioner, then for the sake of your hair “YOU NEED TO STOP”. According to hair care experts every single hair strand on our head has many scales, which are known as cuticles. For the proper cleaning of scalp and hair, these cuticles should be “opened up” with the use of shampoo. Surprisingly on the contrary a conditioner’s major role is to provide moisture and close the cuticles. Forget that this 2 in one product is working for your hair because a single product cannot open and close the cuticles at the same time. Hence, it makes your hair prone to dirt even quicker.

FIX – Using conditioner after doing shampoo is still doing wonders to everyone’s hair, follow that.

  1. Blindly choosing any latest haircut which even in next 5 years wouldn’t suit you


Be it the man bun, side shaved or an undercut hair style, no matter how hot and flattering these hairstyles may look on celebrities but it is true that not all the men have the same shape of face or hair quality. You should do some research and analysis before jumping on to any hairstyle.

FIX- Hairstylists are well aware of every hairstyle in accordance to the face shape and the texture of hair. Talk to your hairstylist openly about what you want and look for his/her advice.

  1. Coating your hair with extra hold hair gel or wax


Using a little hair gel for a wet look, or applying a small amount of hair wax to hold your hair is fine. But don’t make your hair appear like they are made of plastic. When you do something too much, it seems that you are probably trying to hide something bad. And, your hair is not something bad of course.

FIX – Start with a small amount of hair styling product, rub it on your hands and then lightly apply on your hair. If there is a need for more then again use a little quantity.

  1. Are you trying the DIY hair coloring trick? It’s a fail!


Do you stitch your own clothes? Obviously not, because that is a tailor’s job and in the same way coloring hair is a hairstylist’s job. Not every color suits every skin tone and our hair has different color naturally. So, do not think of becoming your own hair stylist and start experimenting with your hair simply because you did not have the time or you were too lethargic to visit a salon to get your hair colored.

FIX- The next time you think to get your hair dyed please take out some time to go to the salon. That is a hairstylist’s job to choose the right color according your skin tone and natural hair color.


The hairstyling trends will keep changing with time but that does not mean that every new hairstyle is worth trying. The above blog talks about the hairstyle mistakes that most men make and smart fixes to avoid them.


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