Predicting 2017 Hair Fashion Trends


Reinventing one’s looks is something that ever woman swoons for. Be it short layers, fringe, blonde hair or dip-dye, a new year brings with it good opportunities to try out the most coveted hairstyles, which had been downrightly flaunted by the celebs.


Mostly, 2017 will all be about tweaking and bettering the hairstyles that had made a buzz in the foregone years. We asked some of the best hair colorists and stylists of the industry, and have listed out few predictions that will make up the greatest hair trends of this year.

Straight Short Hair

Sleek, straight haircuts can make a statement. Moreover, they give you a feminine edge. Not just that, it gives more focus to your shoulders and neck. Polished, clean and feminine, this hairstyle goes great with all types of outfits. Short hair exudes style, confidence, and personality. It neatly shows of the haircut, and there is nothing to conceal.


Boy cut is back with a bang

A cut perfect for those who love to embrace androgynous looks this year.  Do you have high cheek bones and sharp jawlines? Then this style is for you! The best part of this cut is that it can be easily and quickly styled.



This hippie hair trend is taking the world by storm. No, it is not your regular multicolor hair style, it is in fact way beyond that! The color looks radiant in broad daylight and your hair becomes a part of the picture perfect sunset.


Braids Never Go

There is nothing as versatile as a braid. Be it wavy, curly or straight hair, braids look awesome on almost all hair types. This makes it clear why this trend has been such a craze, both on and off the runways.


Styling and coloring should not leave you with bad hair in the year end. Switch to using good hair products that will nourish your hair. Great hair, great style!

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