No Heat Hair Care: Ways to Style your Hair without Damaging It


Are you guilty of damaging your hair for the sake of getting a new hair style? You are not alone, everyone is. Irrespective of which brand of curling rods or flat irons you use, you will always end up damaging your hair. With the help of following tips you will be able to add unbeatable style to your hair whenever you want to stand out in the crowd or woo your love, but there will be one huge difference – you won’t damage you hair this time.


  1. Loose plaits are your savior: Having a bad hair day? Go for plaits. Set your hair to one side and start plating from the mid-length of your hair and go till the tip. After you are done, use your fingers and loosen the plaits slightly. Remember to open your plaits and comb your hair with Neem Wood Comb before going to sleep to avoid hair breakage.


  1. Curl your hair using magazine pages: Your hair will bless you for using this method as it involves minimum damage. Tear out the pages from old magazines and fold them into vertical strips. Take small sections of your hair and start wrapping them around the folded magazine pages. You can either sleep with it on at night or can use a blow dryer for instant results. The result will look natural and stunning.


  1. Go for easy half-up and half-down style: This simple hairstyle always remains in trend. Give a new touch to this hairstyle and try a half-bouffant hairdo, which is mainly about giving a puffy look to your hair. Use bobby pins along with a hair spray to keep the puff in place.


 These easy styling techniques will help you get the look you want without using any heat tools. Your hair might have gone through a lot of damage in the past but now give it a breather by keeping it away from heat. We also recommend that you use the Seal the Natural Goodness Conditioner to repair your damaged hair quickly.





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