How Our Hair Changes as We Age


No matter what our age is, we always want our tresses to look gorgeous. However, our hair starts to show some prominent changes as we age. Whether it is the density or the color of our hair locks, everything becomes a reflection of our age. Below is a list of such repercussions that every one of us has to face while aging.

Discoloration of Hair

As inferred by the researchers, graying of the hair is common as we age and it happens due to the natural upsurge of Hydrogen Peroxide in the hair follicles. Hydrogen peroxide is also present in the bleaching products used on facial hair and hair on scalp. Our natural hair color comes with melanin – a pigment produced by hair follicles. However, with age, our body automatically creates hydrogen peroxide that hinders the process of melanin creation, leading to the pigmentation of hair.   


Reduction in Volume of Hair

Not only does aging make the density of your hair less, it also delays the hair growth. We start to recognize that our strands have begun becoming thinner with time and that there is a tremendous hair-loss. This thinning and falling make your hair locks appear less voluminous. However, use of chemicals in the name of hair-care products also leads to such consequences. Consider using herbal hair care formulas to stop this from continuing.

Changes in Strength and Bounciness of Hair

While aging, the cells that make the outer cuticle start becoming weak. This outer cuticle is vital, as it protects our hair. At this time, the protein levels drop too, which leads to a loss of elasticity. So, when you pull or put stress on your hair they will not bounce back, they will rather break.

Loss of Hair Shine and Smooth Texture

When we age our hair suffers a loss in the amount of fatty acids and keratin proteins. These losses make our tresses vulnerable to damage and loss of shine. Also, with the use of chemical products for styling and hair coloring, our hair gets rough and untidy. In such cases, only Ayurvedic conditioners that are formulated with natural goodness are recommended.



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