Fighting Summer-related Dryness and Frizz


Summer reminds us of cool beaches, sun bathing, and body tanning. However, summer also brings with itself an unbearable, scorching heat that can be harmful for our scalp and tresses. The most commonly faced challenge in the summer season is the humidity that makes our hair go frizzy and rough. Nonetheless, there are a few ways that can prevent this from happening.

Your Hair Does Not Need Too Much Froth

We tend to think that shampooing our hair day in, day out would do us good. Whereas, it only leads to bad hair days because not only does frequent shampooing take the natural oils away from your scalp but also leads to hair damage. This ripping away of natural moisture would lead to roughness and dullness, making your hair look all frizzy.

Deep-Condition Your Hair

As discussed in the previous point, the dryness of scalp gets reflected on our hair through frizz. Therefore, moisture is vital for our tresses to look settled and if it gets lost then deep-conditioning is the solution. Once in a week, deep-condition your dehydrated tresses to revitalize them.


However, this frizz can also be a result of chemically infused conditioners. Therefore, one needs to switch to herbal hair conditioners to smoothen the locks.

Lower the Amount of Heat on Your Hair

Blowing your hair dry on the highest setting or straightening your hair with heat tools frequently, roughens your tresses extremely. It is recommended that you should blow-dry your hair on the medium setting as that too will work effectively. Frequent use of these heating equipment should also be avoided in summers.

Nourish Your Hair Weekly by Oiling it

Hair-oil treatment done weekly can do wonders to your tresses. Oiling leads to the strengthening of your hair cuticle that further causes frizz and roughness to disappear. However, there are some oils that are chemically-ridden that can only worsen the texture of your hair. Replace these oils with organic oils for the upkeep of your natural shine.

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