5 Promises You Must Make to Your Hair


It is 2017. The start of a new year! This also means new possibilities and promises. Committing to better beauty habits is a quintessential part of our lives. All the more, making resolutions or promises is something easy to say than done. When you make promises to your hair, you must guarantee that you can actually keep them. Let these 12 months be filled with healthy, strong and fabulous hair moments.


A fresh year also means new set of hair goals! At the end of the year in case you win this hair battle you completely owe it to yourself. Let the bad hair days of last year set forth lessons for hair care resolutions of this year.

These are 5 vows you can keep to your hair, without having an issue sticking with it.

No more ‘dry hair’ days for me


Dry, moisture-less hair follicles are the main culprits behind dandruff, breakage and hair loss. Using a water based hair conditioner will be beneficial for your tress, especially in the winters. People, who have curly, thick hair can go for oil and butter masks for sealing in enough moisture. Many products mention it on the label that they do moisturizing. But in reality, they might just coat the hair follicles with chemicals for softening. Go for the products that contain natural ingredients, and say a big no to shampoo with petrolatum and mineral oil, both that prevent the hair from getting moisture.

I will indulge in deep conditioning


Each strand of the hair, no matter what texture or length it has, deserves tender, love and care. If your budget permits you, go for hair spa with hot oil or protein treatments twice in month. It is always good to find out a deep conditioning treatment that is right for you. Kinky textured hair, fine straight hair and curly hair – all different hair types need different kinds of nourishment. Even though there are many brands in the market, it is essential that you find out that ideal product, fully tailored for your hair needs.

Defy heat

This year gear up for a ‘no-heat challenge’! We know how desperately you will reach for your dear flat iron, when your hair looks dull. An alternative to heat styling addiction can be trying out new damage-proof hair styles like messy ponytail, topsy tail, French braid crown and bubble bun style – the list won’t end. You can also add weave to jazz up the casual look. Twists and braids are protective styling methods that let you take control of your tress sans the frequent heat damage.


I will remember to brush my hair

Be it morning or evening, if your hair is dry you ought to brush it with a flat brush. In the morning you can use the brush to style and de-tangle the hair strands. This will help in stimulating blood flow in your scalp. In the evening, brush or comb your hair to get rid of the dirt piled up throughout the day.

 I shall switch to natural solutions


Not all that glitters is gold. Every bottle you see in the stores seems to be guaranteeing a miracle, but won’t actually do it. It is best that you start experimenting with the wonders of natural herbs and other ingredients, which are gentle on your locks. Remember that a slight breakaway from ‘hard to pronounce’ chemical ingredients is always a good thing. If making an herbal recipe yourself is a time consuming, daunting task, then switch to herbal products and Ayurvedic hair care brands available online.

Last but not the least; protein is a prerequisite for good hair growth. Stock up on cheese, butter, milk, fish and nuts. But at times you can also opt for an unconventional, out-of-the-box approach, such as ‘spirulina’. Rich in vitamin A and iron, this alga is an excellent nutrient not just for the hair, but also for your skin and nails. Munching carrots daily can reduce flaky scalp. Also, the antioxidant beta carotene in this vegetable enhances the production of oil in your scalp.


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