4 Hair Care Tips for the Women Who Wear Helmets


The girls who ride motorbikes reflect an imminent and independent personality. However, there can be various hair-related dilemmas that a biker-girl might face. Not every girl who rides a motorbike has cropped hairstyle and with longer hair comes the various hair problems. There are more chances of hair-loss with your regular biking habits, especially when you wear a helmet for long hours.

It has been observed worldwide that the girls who wear helmets daily, tend to face excessive hair fall due to their tough routine. Some confuse it by considering the helmets as the reason for such damage. However, this biking accessory is not the cause of hair-damage, rather it deteriorates your scalp issues, thereby resulting in abnormal hair fall.

However, there are certain ways that can help you fight these damaging effects without making you compromise your adventurous side.


 Keep Your Hair Kit Handy

After a long bike-ride, a girl might become hesitant while taking away the helmet because she tends to anticipate the mess that has been created during the long ride. While going for a road-trip on a bike, make sure you have kept all the necessary hair gear with you. Your hair kit must have a hairbrush, a comb, and some of the useful hair accessories that you might need during or after the journey. Grooming your hair after the journey will take your messy-look and tiredness away.


Make Sure Your Hair is Dry

Wearing a helmet on wet hair can become a major reason for your hair-damage. When worn, helmets become an obstacle and keeps the air from passing through your hair. Wearing this accessory on soaking hair would all the more worsen it for you. It can lead to foul smell after you remove the helmet or would intensify the rate of hairfall.

Braided Hair: Happy Journey

For those who have extremely long tresses, it is advised that they must plait them before putting a helmet on. This will help you in experiencing a journey that would be less clumsy. Cover the top of your head with a scarf to maintain that braided look and you will be all set for a long ride. The alternative solution is to cover your locks with a fabric if you think braids are not your type.


Keep Your Scalp Always Healthy

Prevention is better than cure – following this fact would help you in more than just one way. Maintaining the health of your scalp would keep you from getting your hair damaged and will keep that adventurous spirit intact in you. All you need to do is to stick to some precautions for being through with it. Following steps would help you in controlling the hair-fall due to wearing helmet.


  • Try sticking to home remedies for eradicating itchy scalp and dandruff. Applying ginger juice, aloe-vera, or lemon juice would help you comprehensively.
  • Keep your hair conditioned and clean. Prefer the herbal hair-care kits that offer a complete organic and credible scalp and hair solution.
  • Nourish your hair with essential hair oils for the upkeep of its health and for preventing loss and damage of your tresses.
  • If you do not want your helmet to convert into a procreating platform for fungus or bacteria, then make sure you properly wash your hair after removing the helmet. You can also wear a helmet-liner for preventing bacterial invasion.
  • If you forcibly make yourself wear a helmet that does not fit you, it can lead to the destruction of your hair roots. Always wear the helmet of the size that suits your head to prevent this occurrence.

By following these steps, you can go for a bike-riding experience anytime to satiate your adventurous spirit, without worrying about hair fall caused by a helmet.

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