Some Serious Hairdo Expertise: Best Hair Styles for Women with Round Faces

Nothing is more exasperating than deciding a hairstyle. Anxiety levels increase when we end up with a hairdo that turns out to be an absolute disaster and the verdict is seconded by our best friends, those we look up to for fashion advice. These haircut disasters can happen when you fail to do the basics right. Yes, there is a bit of science to hair styling and in this discussion, we are taking a chapter out of this book.

For starters, realize the fact that before texture, strength, and other natural traits of your hair, there is something else that decides whether your haircut will make an impression or make you sob in silence—the shape of your face! Most hairstylists don’t talk about it while many just don’t know how to balance your tresses around your head, the structure of your skull, the cheekbones, jawline…basically, the structural configuration of your face. Today, we are dissecting a specific part of this aspect. It is about women with round faces and how they can prevent hairstyle accidents. Read ahead to discover some timeless hairstyling tips that you won’t usually find when Googling!

Razor Cut on Long Hair: More Complex than it Looks!

Razor-cut hairstyle looks best on long hair, especially when you have a rounded face. Here, you are basically opting for a slightly hippie-chic hairstyle that is easy-to-carry to the office too. This is about layering in a big way. You get exterior and interior layers. Razored edges can be maintained even if you have thin hair but you do need a minimal length for it. If you want to grow your hair, then try this hairstyle. You might want to try some chemical-free hair care products that will add to the overall health of your hair. Try a hair conditioner that can add more body to your hair.


Unevenly Cropped Pixie Hairstyle: Approach with Extreme Care!

This haircut is considered “perfect” for round-faced women. However, there is some controversy too. It seems that it takes more than a round face to carry it. Pixie hairstyles are typically difficult if you don’t have a relaxed, easy-going persona. This is what some hair stylists believe—it is not meant for every lady out there! However, if you have tried it and feel it does justice, definitely attempt it. You might want to part your hair sideways to rock this look. For flaunting this trendy hairstyle, highlight your tresses with suitable colors. Try contrasting streaks for better visuals. Hair coloring comes with some risks too, so you might want to invest in a schedule of night-time hair oil massage.


Elongated Curls – Elegant, Exotic…Very Flaunt-worthy!

Long and soft curls is a beautiful option but it does not come easy. Firstly, natural curls are not all that common. Secondly, managing curly hair is not easy. It needs some dedication. Opt for it if you have the will to invest some time and effort. For round faces, long curls work beautifully. They camouflage, define and accentuate your face. Rounded hair with a blend of wavy hair and intensely curly hair is perhaps the best. The most lovable part of this hairstyle is that it does not need intense chemical treatment. Simple steam rollers or minimal us of curling iron can get the job done. But still, please realize that you will be exposing yourself to hairstyling tools that might have some damaging effect. There is a thin line between sporadic hair loss and serious hair fall. At the first sight of hair damage when trying curls, HALT! Take a reality-check. You might want to invest in natural hair loss products that can be a part of your daily grooming and ease the road to healthy, long curly hair!


Blend it Like This: Voluminous at Bottom with Straight Hair on Top

Round faces are not to be hidden. It is about finding a hair style that complements the shape and makes the facial presentation more cohesive, stylish and hassle-free. One hairdo that is cutout from perfection for such requirements is wavy tresses with a dense flow at the bottom. The upper section remains humbly straight. This hairdo is ideal for your office environs and can be easily fashioned by keeping the curls loose. Since, this hairstyle can be your all-time favorite you have to make sure that the density stays intact. At such situations, go for herbal hair-care therapy that keeps up the volume and prevents hair loss.


These haircuts are meant to be supplemented with regular hair therapy even if you don’t have a family history or medical diagnosis of weak or greying hair. Our emphasis is always on low-maintenance hairstyles that are practical. A team of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, we believe the beauty of naturally lustrous, full-bodied hair that shines with good health. This is a bit difficult considering the overload of chemicals in our environment but when there is willpower, you can find a better way to do things. Wear these hair styles with pride, be confident and don’t be hard on yourself if the experimentation does not work – it is about enjoying self-exploration…so style-up without any guilt!

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