Skincare Checklist for Every Vacationer

Holidays might be a synonym to throw away your inhibitions, an invitation to indulge and let go of whatever rules define your daily lifestyle but there are some things that you just cannot ignore. Yes, we are guilty of being obsessed about hair-care and skincare and for us, anything that is potentially damaging is worth discussing with you. Most holidays are followed by a quick retreat to the office or chores at home. You don’t want to return with a dull and dried skin. To those who are planning a summer vacation, it’s time to take notes. Here, are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing even as you break the shackles of a regular life…

Don’t Ignore Sunscreen & Essential Lip Care

For areas with sunny climate, a sunscreen without doubt, is something you just cannot take a chance with – there are too many tales of horror-filled skin damage by not adopting the proper SPF. A cream with 50+ SPF might help you in beaching without damaging your skin. A sunscreen is your basic guard against UVA and UVB rays. It’s best to apply these skin protectors 30 minutes before going out. If your lips are getting dry, it’s a sign that your lips need care. After a long beach session or a trip to mountains, chapped lips are not an uncommon sight. A Lip Balm can keep your dry woes away while your lips a luscious, moisturised and supple look.


Apply Clay Masks – Carry NATURAL Facial Cleanser, Toners, Packs

While it’s a good practice to apply clay masks during your routine life, holiday demands extra care. Your skin is exposed to a lot while you’re out there, seeing sites and exploring everything that seems quirky, risky or just plain, irresistible. A quality clay mask helps your skin recuperate. It’s best to apply it after cleansing your face and letting it stay for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Applying it 2-3 times through the vacation will help you protect your facial skin.


Dissecting the Age-Old Wisdom of “Drink Plenty of Water”

A lot is spoken about loading-up on clean water but less is discussed about how accomplish this. It is natural that when vacationing, you are likely to indulge in eating binges. You might also drink fluids that are tasty but are actually diuretic. In such scenarios, you might find it hard to keep yourself more than sufficiently hydrated – and this is the goal here! You need to double your daily water intake when summer vacationing. Why? Daily exposure to the hot sun, harsh winds and water intake challenges discussed above mean that your fluid intake might be highly compromised. What you need to do is realign your approach.

Try to drink more water when you are not really active. This includes in-transit time. Start ramping-up water consumption a couple of days before you start the vacation. Apart from keeping the skin moisturized, appropriate water levels also play a part in ensuring that your skin can fight away common skin-damaging factors like the hot sun. If you’re heading to beach, make sure you drink enough water beforehand and keep taking sips while you’re there. Try to go easy on caffeine-infused drinks and opt for fruit extracts or juices with high pulp and water content.

Remember that while vacations are about creating memories to cherish, you don’t want them to take a toll on your skin or hair. Ensure that along with your travel essentials, you also pack the necessities to ensure better, overall skin health.

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