Brunette, Blonde, or Red: Here is what your Hair Color Says About your Attitude


Stereotypes, such as blondes are sexy, brunettes are gorgeous and redheads are short tempered have always been associated with your hair color and these are the messages, which your hair color gives about your attitude. People often form a first impression based on your hair color and without saying a word you can let the world know about your personality traits. Are you anxious to know if people are judging you right? Here are some common hair color types and personality traits associated with them:


Red hair color is bold and is sure to turn all heads on you. Redheads are considered to be aggressive and opinionated. There is a common stereotype that redheads are either considered to be very gorgeous or very unattractive. 2


Black is already a natural color of number of races in Asia and Africa. If you color your hair black then you form an impression that you are sultry, tough, exotic and also mysterious. People with black hair color are serious and self-centered. But you must have a great skin, if you want to color your hair black as black shows every imperfection on your face. You should use Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo to maintain the hair color.


The ultimate blonde bombshell was Marilyn Monroe. Blonde is considered to be really sexy and it is considered that blonde-haired women have a distinct appeal and are preferred more by men. This hair color conveys that you are fun to be around and very cheerful. Also, dark blonde hair signifies that you are natural and relaxed. But remember, the lighter the shade of blonde, the more attention you are expected to get. 4

Medium Brown

 Brown hair color offers an everyday feel and goes well with any hair length or any fashion look. It is considered to be the most versatile hair color. Medium brown says out loud that you are practical, responsible and a good girl. 5

It is proven that complexion and hair color actually influences our blood pressure. So, if you color your hair with a shade, which is not your natural hair color, this may impact your behavior. Sooner or later, you might also adopt the stereotypes associated with that particular color. So, choose your hair color wisely and always keep in mind that your hair color speaks a lot about you. To give maximum care to your hair, you can buy hair care products from




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