Top 3 Tips to Style Your Wet Hair

Washing hair is essential but when it comes to style wet hair, many of you feel scared. However, now you don’t need to feel the same. Take the above-mentioned hair styles into your consideration and be ready to flaunt your stylish look. For best results, we recommend that you use a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner like the IHT9 shampoo and IHT9 conditioner on your hair.

4 Harmful Chemicals in Personal Care Products

Don’t harm your skin by using chemical-based beauty products as these may cause various skin related problems like acne, dark circles and more. Use chemical-free cosmetics to get a glowing and naturally healthy skin.

Why Black Hair Has No Real Competition: Show Off Your Shiny Tresses!

Black hair adds the right amount of drama on olive and tanned skin type skin. In order to make your black hair dazzling, what all you need to do is – get a good hair-cut and hair style. This blog tells you why shiny black hair is the most beautiful hair color in the world. There may be brunette, brown, or even blonde, but black hair has a beauty and charm of its own.

Sweet Tooth and Hair – What Connects Them?

Hair loss is probably one of the most overlooked side effects of an excessive sugary diet, yet one of the most visible ones. This blog tells you about how a sugar rich diet can reduce the thickness of your hair.

8 Struggles Every Girl with Long Hair Faces

Long hair is something that every girl longs for. But most of the time people with long hair struggle a lot with their long locks. The blog has listed out some common woes of women with long hair.

4 Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Hair Care Products

Certain chemicals in hair care products not only affect the hair follicles, but can also ruin the scalp and skin. The blog tells you about 4 toxic ingredients in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products that hamper the health of your tresses.

Receding Hairline in Men: What to Do

Generally becoming an issue for males in their early 20s, the receding hairline begins to thin commonly on either sides of your forehead before you get a bald patch on top of your head. Therefore, managing these issues by following the remedies quoted in the above blog can keep you one-step ahead of the game in preventing hair loss.

Say Goodbye to Split Ends Naturally

Getting rid of split ends at the cost of chopping down hair may not be the best choice for every woman. Get split end-free and healthy hair by just following these simple tricks mentioned in this blog.

Sun for Hair – Is it healthy?

Regular consumption of Vitamin D will not only help you to activate the dormant follicles to grow into new strands, which are healthy but will also help in regulating the hair cycle. Studies have shown that if you lack this vitamin, it can cause brittle hair, thinner and unhealthy hair growth.


Reasons Why your Hair have suddenly started falling out

There are many causes of hair loss in men but if you start taking care of your hair at the right time then you may probably recover from your baldness. You should always use natural hair growth oils, shampoos and conditioners. This bog talks about some main reasons behind sudden hair loss.

Nighttime Routines that can Improve your Hair Health

Getting smooth, silky and tangle free hair will no more be a dream when you follow these simple steps. You can also use some natural shampoos and conditioners because most of the popular haircare brands available today have harmful chemicals in them. Switching to natural hair products will only lead to better hair.